Six Sigma Training Approach

  1. Initial meeting with clients is done to try to understand the exact need of the clients for Lean Six Sigma Deployment in their company.
  2. MBizM™ Consultants will then develop the Six Sigma curriculum and projects.
  3. Based on the client needs, MBizM™ will incorporate Lean, Quality and Soft Skills programmes into the Six Sigma curriculum.
  4. The training packages are finalised together with the Project Costing.
  5. Prior to the start of training, MBizM™ will provide clients with a session to induce Six Sigma culture and also the projects that are to be undertaken.
  6. During the deployment of Six Sigma using the DMAIC methodology, MBizM™ will provide the training resources together with project support in terms of project coaching and project tollgate sessions.
  7. During the course of the projects, MBizM™ will provide the technical “know-how” to track and realise potential gains / ROI.
  8. Our Six sigma Approach for training During the Six Sigma Deployment, MBizM™ will provide the necessary guidance to the clients to make Six Sigma sustainable in their organisations.


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