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MBizM is an Accredited Training Organisation, Curriculum Provider and Examination Center by IASSC

(International Association for Six Sigma Certification)

The International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) is a Professional Association dedicated to growing and enhancing the standards within the Lean Six Sigma Community. IASSC exclusively facilitates and delivers centralized universal Lean Six Sigma Certification Standards testing and organizational Accreditation’s.


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Minitab ® Statistical Software


Minitab ® Statistical Software gives you the tools need to analyze your data and make informed decision about how to improve your business. Its power and ease of use make it the leading package used for quality improvement and statistics education worldwide.

  • Minitab ® is a comprehensive Statistics Software which is perfect for quality and process improvement, including six sigma
  • It is Accurate, Reliable and Easy to Use

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SigmaXL® Simply Smart Software


SigmaXL is a leading provider of user friendly Excel Add-ins for Lean Six Sigma Statistical and Graphical analysis. SigmaXL customers include market leaders like Agilent, Diebold, Fedex, Microsoft, Motorola, and Shell. SigmaXL is also used by numerous colleges and universities.


SigmaXL is rapidly becoming the tool of choice for Lean Six Sigma practitioners and business professionals around the world.


SigmaXL was designed from the ground up to be a powerful, but easy to use Excel add-in that enables users to measure, analyze, and control their service, transactional, and manufacturing processes. Features include Multiple Histograms, Pareto Charts, Boxplots, Scatterplots, Control Charts, and DOE.


Unique features in SigmaXL include Measurement Systems Analysis with confidence intervals, Multiple Linear Regression that accepts both continuous and categorical predictors, Capability Combination Report, and Control chart tools that allow users to add data to existing charts, split limits by historical group, scroll through chart data and produce an easy to read summary of test violation

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OPEX Resources are a specialist provider of practical, easy-to-use operational excellence pocket guides and support tools


The Lean Six Sigma & Minitab is the best selling pocket guide for business improvement professionals. It is a Lean Six Sigma Pocket Guide with clear route maps, practical examples and detailed Minitab instructions. Contact us directly at enquiry@mbizm.com to receive special discount rate and place an order for immediate delivery to your doorstep!

Coventry University United Kingdom UK

Coventry University, UK


Coventry is an evolving and innovative university with a growing reputation for excellence in education.



University Kebangsaan Malaysia



With an excellent track record in research, academic programmes, community engagement and internationalisation, UKM has evolved into one of the leading universities in the region. It is well supported by modern infrastructure in a sustainable green campus.