Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course

six sigma yellow beltSix Sigma Yellow Belt Participants will have more in-depth knowledge of Six Sigma and each of the five phases that are to be applied in practical terms.

This course is designed to provide a broad understanding of Six Sigma methodology, concepts, and language, along with a complete toolbox of basic process improvement methods.

This programme was developed to encourage the candidates to be responsible for the development of process maps to support Six Sigma projects.

The Yellow Belt Participants will participate as core team members or subject matter experts on a project.

Yellow Belt Participants will gain knowledge of Lean enterprise concepts, are able to identify non-value-added elements and activities.

Course Content / Curriculum

Day 1 

    Session 1

    Overview of Six Sigma - DMAIC & DMADV[/fusion_li_item]
  • Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ)
  • Understanding Pareto Charts
  • Six Sigma vs. Other Programmes
  • Workshop Sessions"]

Day 2 

    Session 2

    Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Tools[/fusion_li_item]
  • Data Collection Techniques
  • Basic Statistics and Graphical Analysis
  • Creating Fishbone Diagrams
  • Workshop Sessions"]

Day 3 

    Session 3

    Understanding Value Added (VA) and Non Value Added Activities (NVA)[/fusion_li_item]
  • Types of Analysis (Quantitative & Qualitative)
  • Overview of Statistical Analysis
  • Workshop Sessions"]

Day 4 (Optional) 

    Session 4

    Generating Improvement Ideas[/fusion_li_item]
  • Running Pilot and Lean Programmes
  • Solutions Implementation Plan
  • Workshop Sessions"]

Day 5 (Optional) 

    Session 5

    Understanding Statistical Process Control[/fusion_li_item]
  • Establishing Control Plans
  • SOP & Documentation
  • Workshop Sessions"]


3 + 2 Days



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