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Best Lean Six Sigma Programmes in Malaysia

Best Lean Six sigma Programmes in Malaysia and Asia at very affordable price for your business or company. We offer a range of customized as well as public training ranging from Six Sigma, Lean, Quality & Soft Skills Programmes


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Best Lean Six Sigma Programs

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    <strong>Six Sigma Core Training</strong>
    Six Sigma Core Training
    • Champions Level Training
    • Yellow Belt Level Training
    • Green Belt Level Training
    • Black Belt Level Training


    <strong>Six Sigma Special Courses</strong>
    Six Sigma Special Courses
    • Statistical Analysis Tools in Six Sigma (SATSS)
    • Supplier Development Programme (SDP)
    <strong>Consultancy Services</strong>
    Consultancy Services
    • Project Identification Sessions
    • Project Selection Sessions
    • Project Coaching Sessions
    • Project Tollgate Sessions
    <strong>Lean & Quality Management</strong>
    Lean & Quality Management
    • Lean Enterprise Training
    • Value Stream Mapping
    • 7 QC Tools & QCC / QIT
    • Root Cause Analysis
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